True Alaskan Charters together with the Narrows Inn offers you an
adventure that combines comfort, style and value with incredible fishing
to create the ultimate angling experience.  
It's our goal. It's our commitment.

Amazing Waterfront Accommodations

Ocean front rooms offer an exciting opportunity to view local wildlife from the privacy of your
balcony.  Observe local seal, bald eagles, blue heron, and otter.  Seasonally, killer whale
pods  and humpback whale can be viewed on their way to and from the feeding grounds.  
Cruise ships, ferry boats, float planes, and fishing boats are ever present on this vibrant

First Class Meals
Enjoy the beautiful view and a commitment to service
The menus are designed a broad range  to satisfy every taste. Great steaks and incredibly
fresh seafood are our specialty. The locally grown oysters are a featured delicacy.

Easy going comfort is our style. The staff strives to make you feel at home.

Relax after a full day of catching
Thornlow's Waterfront Bar has an unequalled view and a cozy comfortable atmosphere,
featuring the warmth of an all wood interior, stained glass, and a large fireplace. Murals
painted by a local artist depict Ketchikan in the 1970s.

Binoculars are provided for viewing the many forms of wildlife from the many windows
overlooking the Narrows waterway. Black bear feed on the seaweed on the beach in the
spring as they come out of hibernation. Killer whale pods transit both north in the spring and
south in the fall on their seasonal migrations. Humpback whales occasionally show their tails
as they migrate to the feeding grounds farther north.  A great blue heron we've named the
Mayor, poses on the marina floats as he peers into the water for small fish. Bald eagles
majestically  perch on the pilings of the marina. Mink live in the rocks around the marina and
are occasionally seen on the docks in search of bait fish.

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Located on the waterfront just north of downtown Ketchikan the Narrows Inn has 44 deluxe
rooms, 3 luxury suites, a restaurant and lounge, featuring panoramic views overlooking the
marina where your fishing experience will begin.  Located just 3 minutes north of  the
airport ferry,10 minutes from downtown shopping and 15 minutes from both totem pole
parks.  Make Alaska an experience to remember

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Enjoy the thrill of Alaska Fishing
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