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True Alaskan Charters is located in beautiful Ketchikan Alaska.

For more then a hundred years and four generations my family has been guiding
Alaska fishing charters in Ketchikan Alaska.  From Alaska bear hunts to Alaska
halibut fishing we have all tried to make all of our guest have an experience of a
lifetime.  If it is your first time fishing in Ketchikan or have been on an Alaska
fishing charter before you can be assured we will do our best to give you a
True Alaskan Experience.

Ketchikan Salmon Fishing Charters
Ketchikan, known as the "Salmon Capitol of the World" is perched on the edge of Alaska
fishing waters that harbor five unique type of Salmon, the legendary Chinook, or King, the
Red or Sockeye, the Silver or Coho, the Pink or Humpback, and the Chum.

Ketchikan Fishing Charters

What makes fishing in Ketchikan great is that the fishing grounds are close by in protected
waters, usually only 10-20 minutes away.  The less time on a boat ride means more time
catching your limits.

With True Alaskan Charters, The guests decide how much they want to get involved, from
baiting your own lures to netting your catch.  If you have less experience we will make sure to
give you all the attention you need to have a truly amazing trip.

It's all here; the only thing missing is you.

Alaska Fishing Lodge

If you are looking for an Alaska fishing lodge that offers complete package that provides
comfortable waterfront lodging, delicious Alaskan meals, and exciting Alaska fishing you
have found the place.  True Alaskan Charters and the Narrows Inn in Ketchikan offers
complete packages to make your Alaska fishing trip a unforgettable experience.

Different then the average Alaska fishing lodge we want to make every part of your Alaska
fishing vacation great.  Located just north of downtown Ketchikan we are only 15 minutes
away from either the airport, historic downtown Ketchikan, or our numerous totem pole parks.

Unlike the standard Alaska fishing lodge we are both family owned and operated to give your
Alaska fishing charter a unique and personable feel.

The Fleet
Working together to target the "Hot" Ketchikan fishing grounds.

The C-MARIE is owned by Captain Bruce, a fourth generation Alaskan. Raised with the
knowledge of the prime fishing grounds passed down from his grandfather, he knows these
waters well. The boat is a true Ketchikan fishing machine. This 26 foot craft is powered by a
new 300 HP Suzuki outboard with an enclosed hardtop cabin that keeps you comfortable
when the weathers wet.This Boat was made to fish!

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If you love to fish, and have heard all the amazing
stories of other anglers that fished in Alaska before,
you yearn to experience a day of blazing action on
these waters too.  Imagine fishing in a huge school
of actively feeding Alaska salmon, with hard hits and
a huge bend in your pole.  Returning to the docks
with a beautiful limit of these amazing fish.  
Ketchikan fishing at it's finest.

Few places around the world can say is fishing
is the same as in the past. But from living and fishing
here all my life you can believe me that Ketchikan
Alaska is truly a remarkable place. If you have been
wanting to fish Alaska for awhile a, don't pass up this
chance to experience a  fantastic and memorable
day of "Alaska salmon fishing".  It's our goal to make
your trip one of a lifetime.

Alaska Salmon Fishing
It's all here, the only thing missing is you.
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Alaska Halibut Fishing Charters
When your arms are exhausted from fighting
try relaxing while hauling in Alaskan
Halibut.  Alaska halibut fishing is pure
rod-busting, arm-burning excitement, pinning
you to the rail. If you have fished for halibut
anywhere in the world except Alaska, you're
missing the boat.  Migrating from the cold
depths in spring to feed, these giant flatfish do
not come to the surface without a monster
struggle.  This is "Alaska halibut fishing"

Alaska halibut fishing is an adventure, going
after the largest flatfish that swim in our
waters.  Sweat and cramped hands are part of
fishing for these fish but with determination
you can land them and the only thing you will
think is when you can do it again.  Imagine
how well that Halibut will taste on your plate
while you recall the effort you went through to
get them there.

Having a guide with knowledge and
experience of these rhythms can mean the
difference between a productive Ketchikan
halibut fishing trip and a waste of valuable
time. The ability to pinpoint the best time and
place to fish is what sets this charter apart
from others. As an Alaska Halibut fishing
guide, we strive for consistency. While anyone
can catch a big halibut every now and then,
the measure of a truly fine guide is being able
to produce top catches on a daily basis.
Along with Alaska Halibut fishing and
Alaska salmon fishing, catch delicious
yellow-eye or Red Snapper, Ling Cod,
Pacific Cod and various species of

Alaska salmon fishing, Alaska Halibut
You can do it all with True Alaskan
Charters in Ketchikan Alaska.
 ketchikan fishing, ketchikan fishing charter, alaska halibut fishing
TRUE ALASKAN CHARTERS         Ketchikan Alaska           

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Ketchikan fishing, alaska fishing charter, alaska fishing guide  krtchikan
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Enjoy the thrill of Alaska Fishing in Ketchikan
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Ketchikan fishing charter boats, alaska cruise fishing trips
The Margarita is a work horse on the water that can carry groups of 4 or more. Target
Salmon & Halibut in warmth and comfort. Your captain has a passion for fishing in
Ketchikan and enjoys sharing his time with first time anglers and the professionals. He will
make your Ketchikan fishing experience a memorable one.